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Weather Targeting 2019

How can weather data be used?

Ad Targeting

Use weather data as targeting signals in your ad logic (e.g. show one ad variation if raining, show a different one if conditions are clear).

Ad Content

Use weather data as content within the ads (e.g. show current conditions/temperature values).

Both Ad Targeting & Ad Content

Combine both weather targeting and content for a powerful user experience.

What data do we have?


Adacado collects current and 7-day forecast temperature values in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, which are grouped into 7 categories (e.g. Hot, Warm, Cool, Cold, etc.).


Adacado collects current and 7-day forecast conditions values that are aggregated into 5 main groups (e.g. clear, cloud, rain, wind, snow).

Temperatures & Conditions

Combine both temperature and condition values in your weather ads for maximum effect.

Targeting scenarios

User-based weather

Ads are personalized to use weather data based on the user’s location.

Destination-based weather

Ads are dynamically updated with the weather.

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