Weather Targeting 2019

Connect to your audience with localized weather based ads

Adacado combines weather data with location details, allowing advertisers to incorporate weather data into their dynamic creative ad campaigns.

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a globe containing different targeted ads in varying locations

How can weather data be used?

ad targeting using weather data

Ad Targeting

Use weather data as targeting signals in your ad logic (e.g. show one ad variation if raining, show a different one if conditions are clear).

ad content using weather data

Ad Content

Use weather data as content within the ads (e.g. show current conditions/temperature values).

weather targeting and ad content combined

Both Ad Targeting & Ad Content

Combine both weather targeting and content for a powerful user experience.

What data do we have?

current and 7-day forecast temperature values collected by adacado


Adacado collects current and 7-day forecast temperature values in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, which are grouped into 7 categories (e.g. Hot, Warm, Cool, Cold, etc.).

current and 7-day forecast conditions values collected by adacado


Adacado collects current and 7-day forecast conditions values that are aggregated into 5 main groups (e.g. clear, cloud, rain, wind, snow).

temperature and condition values combined

Temperatures & Conditions

Combine both temperature and condition values in your weather ads for maximum effect.

Targeting scenarios

User-based weather

Ads are personalized to use weather data based on the user’s location.

Destination-based weather

Ads are dynamically updated with the weather.

map of the world showing user and weather based targeting

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