You’re on a call with a client, and they’re not convinced Dynamic Creative is right for their campaign. Use the one-click preview link to show them a full preview of their campaign in seconds, and more importantly, while they’re still on the call.

Previewing a campaign

Once you’ve built a campaign, follow the steps below to generate a campaign preview link.


On the Creative page, click Save All (unless the button is already grayed out).


Navigate to the AdTags page.


Copy the link to the Shareable Preview Page and send it to your client.


Click Preview to see the same campaign preview as your client.

Hot tip!
Make sure the campaign is turned on, and the dates of the themes are all active currently. Otherwise, you will just be sending your client a notification that their ad isn’t active. And if you make any updates, that same preview link will reflect those updates, no need to regenerate or alter the link.