Your advertiser’s campaign has run its course, you’ve stopped running impressions, and it’s time to stop fetching product data. Disabling the advertiser account will stop all billing for that account.

Disabling the account

Though it is currently not possible to remove an advertiser, follow the instructions below to disable the Advertiser account and stop fetching their product data.

Hot tip!
When you disable the account, adacado stops fetching website user and product data. This means the pixel will no longer be active, product feeds will stop running, and any user data/traffic will be deleted permanently. So if you create another campaign in the future, there will be no user data present for this advertiser, which will temporarily reduce targeting accuracy. Basically, if you know you’re going to run another campaign in the near future, it’s best to keep the account active (though you will be charged for the data processing).

Once logged in, click the Advertiser name dropdown at the top of the screen.


Click EDIT on the Advertiser you would like to disable.


If a warning appears saying you are about to change Advertisers, click Proceed.


Click Standing on the left side of the screen.


Click Disable. A confirmation panel will appear asking if you would like to proceed.


Click Proceed.

Congratulations! You have successfully disabled your advertiser’s account.