1. True or False? Programmatic Advertising refers to the use of software to purchase digital advertising?
2. What does CPM stand for?
3.  CTR can be calculated as follows?
4. What is dynamic creative?
5. What is the primary role of an SSP?
6. What best describes a DSP?
7. What is the average CTR for online display ads?
8. Which of the following examples below describe “programmatic advertising”?
9. Which of the below statements best describes “online remarketing”?
10. True or false? All real-time bidding is programmatic, but not all programmatic is RTB.
11. What does an Ad Tag do?
12. Which of the following is a benefit of programmatic advertising?
13. What entity standardizes online advertising?
14. What are 3 commonly used ad size units?
15. What is an “above the fold ad”?
16. Which advertiser will win the auction and what did the winning bid cost? (refer to table below)


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