Geographic Targeting 2019

Geographic targeting ads are all about location, location, location

Adacado uses its geographic targeting database to personalize your ads in real-time based on the viewer's physical location.

How to use geo-targeting in your campaigns?

Adacado makes it easy for advertisers to dynamically serve geo-specific creative, without requiring any technical integrations or additional costs. Here are just a few ways Adacado’s geo data can be utilized in a real-time creative campaign.


Personalize ads in real-time based on the viewer’s physical location (country, state, city, zipcode, and lat/long coordinates).


Use geo-location data to display ads in a viewers native language.


Use geo data as real-time content to display location details like city, state or zip code within the ads.


Use proximity lookup to serve the most relevant creative within a defined radius of the viewer’s location.

Geo-targeting examples

City Geo Targeting

Ads target travelers that have searched or booked a flight to cities in the continental US. Using the city for targeting, the ad displays multiple hotels within that geo-vicinity.

Proximity Geo Targeting

Proximity targeting takes geo to the next level by displaying the most relevant creative to a user within a predefined radius of the user’s location (e.g. displaying the closest restaurant within a 1-mile radius of the user’s location).

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