Dynamic Retargeting 2019

Smart dynamic retargeting

Increase your retargeting campaign performance more than 2.5x. Enhance the way you communicate to your audiences by personalizing your ad creative based on the user's activity on your website.

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a store front displaying boots with a bus driving by, retargeting a person with the same boots

Smart Dynamic Retargeting Benefits

Increases the impact of retargeting campaigns by providing a personalized, one-to-one communication with each customer.

performance graph showing an increase


Increase campaign performance by 200% + over standard “static” ads.

girl looking at herself in the mirror showing personalization


Your ads will be personalized to each viewer based on a combination of targeting signals received from your website and other 3rd party sources.

computer software showing ads automating continuously


Your ads will automatically update daily, weekly, or monthly to be in sync with your inventory.

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